Family Travel Tips | What to Pack in Your Carryon Bag for Kids (Toddlers & Babies)

Our carryon bags were packed to the brim with snacks, juice, iPads, busy bags, coloring books, travel play-doh…you name it. I like being prepared for the worst of delays and anything that can go wrong (especially with 2 kids). After being stuck on the tarmac for 4 hours flying out of Beijing, China (before an already long 13 hour flight), I learned my lesson. The only thing worse than that scenario would be if you added 1 toddler and 1 baby to the mix. No. Thank. You.

I made a list of the entertainment and things we brought with us on the 3 hour flight to Turks & Caicos, Providenciales. For the most part, it kept them busy the whole time! They didn’t even play with all the toys that I packed in their bag. I was pleasantly surprised! Because Atlas is under 2, he flew as an “infant in arms” for free (though, you still have to pay taxes). He sat on Nick’s lap for the majority of the flight, and Kennedy got her own seat. She needs a paid ticket and reservation for herself, because she’s over 2. And they both need passports! Regardless of age, anyone and everyone needs a passport to travel internationally. We had a whole row to ourselves and sometimes we put Atlas and Kennedy next to each other on the same seat. They loved it, and it gave us a break!




“Leak proof” sippy cups /  Juice boxes  /  Squeeze pouches  /  Travel spoon  / Bagged snacks (Goldfish, crackers, raisins, trail mix, and a few M&Ms) and bibs!!  Don’t forget bibs for babies, especially when you’re trying to feed them baby food on an airplane. Also, don’t bring a lot of sugary snacks…you could regret that later on the flight.


Diapers (I suggest going up 1 size to hold more in flight) *Not all airplanes have a changing table. This should be a law. On several flights, attendants have told me to simply lay them down on top of the commode. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Request for a blanket and change them on the floor. In front of the plane near the exit door, it’s usually more private. I suggest going there!  /  Wipes  /  Diaper trash bags (Flight attendants will not touch a diaper and cannot place it in the same trash with the food either. These are also super handy if your child soils their clothing and yours…you’ll find a lot more uses for these than you think!)  /  Purell Sanitizing Wipes (gentle enough for hands & faces and strong enough to wipe down nasty airplane tables)  / Honest Spray Hand Sanitizer (great for grubby toddler hands)  /  Lots of napkins


Dramamine motion sickness relief  /  Extra change of clothes for all kids and yourself!  /  First Aid Kit

I probably have more stuff than I’ll ever need for the flight, but I like being over prepared. You never know how long your flight could be delayed!




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